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MMGA is committed to building a constructive relationship with the media, facilitating a respectful annotators community and promoting social cohesion.

1. Responsible use of sources

  • Your annotations are based on facts for which you can indicate a reliable source, as completely as possible and regardless of the opinions expressed about this source (for example on social media or forums).
  • You sincerely cooperate in improving the reliability of articles or other media statements.
  • Where possible, you offer concrete suggestions for improvement to editors or other annotators that could resolve your criticism.

2. Respect

  • You are respectful (in your wording) towards editors and other annotators, but also with regard to the public and the subjects and / or persons in articles or other media statements.
  • You criticize each other’s texts, media or other contributions, not each other as a person.
  • You work for the right of the public on verifiable facts.

3. Inclusiveness & neutrality

  • You contribute to an inclusive world view in the media, where as many perspectives as possible get a voice or are represented, so that articles or other media expressions improve in quality.
  • The criticism, suggestions and sources that you bring in do not represent preference, color or extremities. In that context you help to prevent discrimination based on, among other things, occupation, religion, local, national or social origin, political or other opinions, race, gender, sexual orientation, appearance and language.

4. No conflict of interest

  • Your main and additional positions, personal financial interests or relationships, externally funded research, intellectual interests, reputation and business interests do not affect your objectivity. Your contributions are for your own account and risk.


This code of conduct can be adjusted in the interim. The code of conduct is inspired by the Bordeaux Declaration, Guidelines for Journalism, the Five Pillars of Wikipedia and Codes to prevent improper influencing by conflicts of interest. If you wish to respond to the code of conduct, you can do this by sending an email to

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