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Jhr. mr. Adriaan Stoop

Commissar NRC and initiator of the European Press Prize.

Ruben Brave

Media professional and TMT-entrepreneur. Over 20 years of purebred networking experience. Since 2004 founder of business incubator Entelligence for pre-seed funding, mentoring & coaching and valorisation mentoring regarding start-ups that concern themselves with online media, ICT & automation and Health & Life Long Learning.

Miguel Nunes BSc

Master Student Informatics at the Vrije Universiteit. International experience with design, technical documentation and implementation of web technologies.

Sue-yin Choy BSc

Master Student in Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit with a keenness for blockchain. Driven by compassion and curious about human behaviour.

Victor Duta Bsc

Master student in Parallel and Distributed Systems at the Vrije Universiteit. With an affinity towards systems design and security and a keen eye on how OS internals work under the microscope.

Thomas Stratmann

Graphic designer graduated MA from Design Academy. Brings design thinking to study innovative ways of interaction and collaboration in journalism


Jacopo Urbani

Assistant professor in Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit. Focused on how to efficiently process very large amounts of data to extract new and interesting knowledge.

Marc Makkes

Postdoctoral researcher at the Vrije Universiteit. Specializes in blockchain, cryptography and distributed systems.

Daniëlle Arets

Danielle Arets is a lecturer in Journalism & Responsible Innovation at Fontys Academy of Journalism & Readership (Research lab) and in strategic creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven. Danielle has a great passion for shaping the future of journalism through design, investigating trends and prototoyping future concepts of content delivery….

Annotator coaches

Nouska Du Saar

Web editor for international media and Active member of Stimuleringsfonds voor  de Journalistiek Think Tank. She’s interested in combining journalism and technology.

Ellen Bokkinga

Annotator and advisor


Prof. dr. ir. Cees de Laat

Chairs the System and Network Engineering (SNE) laboratory in the Informatics Institute of the Faculty of Science at University of Amsterdam

Lola Lorite

Spanish Graphic Design Studio based in Eindhoven


Robert Overweg

Creative Director at Triple, using design and technology to make live’s better. Keynote speaker: SXSW, MIT, Next | Artist: Centre Pompidou | Creative Director: Vodafone, LGi | Editor: TNW

Eva Wubbe

Political Science & International Relations, Technology & Philosophy, Community & Business Development at FreedomLab.

Prof. dr. Peter Sloot

Professor at the the UvA (The Netherlands), ITMO (Russia) and NTU (Singapore). His theoretical work focuses on out of equilibrium dynamics of Complex Adaptive Systems using Information Theory and Thermodynamics.


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